Lucky woman found her winning lottery ticket

September 10, 2009 by  
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Have you ever thought that some people are just born lucky? An incredibly lucky woman rode her good fortune twice not only by winning the lottery but also by finding her winning lottery ticket for the California State Lottery just in time to claim it.  The lucky woman found her winning lottery ticket and handing it in just two days before the ticket would have past it’s last date to be claimed.

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The fortunate lottery winner, who requested that her identity remained private, was tidying her house last weekend when she found some old lottery tickets that she hadn’t checked, down the side of the sofa. One of the old lottery tickets turned out to be nearly 6 months old with all prizes for the California State Lottery having to be claimed within 180 days of the draw so she was cutting it fine. The lucky find turned out to be worth $202,556! The woman understandably said that she couldn’t believe her good fortune. She says that she has nothing specific in mind to spend the money on but right now says she’s going to “put it in the bank.”

Following this lucky woman’s near-miss the California Lottery has stated that this incident should reminder lottery players to keep their tickets in a safe place and if they have a winning ticket they are to contact California State Lottery officials or visit a California State Lottery district office as soon as possible.  The same can be said for all lotteries across the world, keep you tickets safe.

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