Lung cancer victim won the Mega Millions jackpot

June 14, 2010 by  
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A lung cancer victim won the Mega Millions jackpot last Tuesday night. A jackpot which had risen to a mighty $64 million by the time that Mary Shammas, a grandmother form Brooklyn, New York matched all five main lottery numbers and the Mega Ball to scoop the huge lottery jackpot.

In a US TV interview Mary says that it was an itch in her left palm that convinced her to go and buy tickets for the huge US interstate lottery. The multi-millionaire lottery winner said she was on the bus when her left pal started itching. She said that it was a terrible itch like she had never felt before, which prompted her to jump off the bus and buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket.

After the lucky grandmother realised she had won the huge Mega Millions Lottery jackpot she called her son, Joseph and asked him to come and check the ticket for her but she made him promise not to tell his brothers or sisters, a promise which he didn’t keep. Joseph immediately called his brother, Richard, not believing his mother’s claims of winning the lottery. Richard walked over to his mother’s house and checked the lottery numbers with her, finally realising that his ma was now $64 million better off.

The lottery winning granny intends to spend her new-found wealth ensuring that her family have a comfortable life stating that she’d had a ‘rough life’ and ensuring that her family were provided for would be her ‘joy in life’.

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