Mega Millions tickets will be sold in Iowa

November 17, 2009 by  
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For years we have heard rumours of a truly national US lottery as opposed to the two main lotteries that, up until recently, operated in their own exclusive states and territories. However changes are taking place in the US, which has seen a recent change to this structure. A vote by the Iowa Lottery on Monday means that Mega Millions tickets will be sold in Iowa, a state which used to exclusively sell Powerball lottery tickets.

There are still many details to iron out and an infrastructure of Mega Millions lottery terminals will need to be installed but you will be able to buy tickets to the Mega Millions lottery in Iowa as of the 31st of January next year with the first Mega Millions draw to include Iowa ticket sales to take place on the 2nd of February.

This will mean that although the US Powerball lottery will still be sold in more US states than the Mega Millions but with more and more states selling tickets for both lotteries the idea of a truly national lottery in the US is getting nearer to reaching realisation.

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