More 100 UK Millionaire Raffle Winners Come Forward

August 21, 2013 by  
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Since the second 100 UK Millionaire Raffle was held on Friday 26th July 2013, more and more of the £1 million winners have been making themselves known to lottery officials in order to claim their prizes. Better yet, some of the reactions to winning one of these amazing prizes are now available to listen to! So if you’ve ever wondered what one of those official phone calls sounds like, read on and get planning your winning moment!

Below is a recording of the actual telephone conversation between Keith Williams, 54 from Merthyr Tydfil in Wales, and the lottery telephone operator, when he phoned up to see if his ticket had won a prize.

In a bizarre twist, Keith, who is married to Patricia, is a member of the Guest Keen Memorial Social and Bowls Club in Dowlais, along with another Euromillions Millionaire Raffle winner, Mark Benbow. Mark won his £1 million prize in 2011 and has had plenty of valuable advice for Keith. With two millionaires in one club, surely this is the luckiest club house in Britain?

There are still ten outstanding £1 million prizes from the 100 Millionaire Raffle draw on Friday 26th July 2013 (listed below). If you have got some Euromillions tickets from that draw last month which you haven’t got around to checking yet, now is the time to do so! But make sure you check both your Euromillions numbers and the UK Millionaire Raffle code carefully, as players will often disregard their tickets after seeing they have not won a big prize on Euromillions.

Area Purchased Winning Raffle Code
Fife CZZ474287
City of Bristol BZQ259280
Blackpool & Borough of Fylde CZZ930051
Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea BZP141415
East Dunbartonshire CBT475280
City of Gloucester CBW665037
Bolton CBS004223
Brighton & Hove BZP410507
London Borough of Havering CBS076276
London Borough of Sutton BZV886683


A classic example of a player doing just this and almost missing out on a fortune is David Long, 58, who threw his ticket away after only winning £2.70 on the Euromillions draw which took place alongside the 100 UK Millionaire Raffle on 26th July. Luckily at the last moment, he had a change of heart and fished his ticket out of the bin and only found out about his £1 million raffle win when he took the ticket into his local shop to claim. He claimed his £1 million prize last week.

So if you have Euromillions tickets lying around from this or any other draw which you know you haven’t checked fully, don’t leave it another second longer! You can view the recent Euromillions Results over on, so fish out your tickets and check now.

Visit the Euromillions page to discover how to buy tickets online for the next draw.