National Lottery jackpot prize expires today

May 24, 2010 by  
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If you buy lottery tickets and live in the Hastings and Bexhill area you should check through any old lottery tickets that you have…today. This is because a National Lottery jackpot prize expires today, 180 days after the draw was made ad this unclaimed prize isn’t exactly pocket change either.

The National Lottery jackpot prize which expires today is worth a whopping £850,513 for anybody who actually has the winning lottery ticket and calls the National Lottery prize claim hotline before 5:30pm today. If you buy tickets for the UK National Lottery have a good search through those old lottery tickets as this particular jackpot prize could be yours and you only have hours left to claim it.

Unbelievably this isn’t the only jackpot that has gone unclaimed so far. There are also another two lottery winners who have unclaimed prizes as well. The first is £1,524,177 jackpot prize from the 27th of March which was bought in the Borough of South Tyneside and expires on the 23rd of September. Next up is the £555,879 jackpot prize from the 24th of March draw which was bought in the Doncaster area and expires on the 20th of September.

If these, or any other, National Lottery prizes go past the 180 day cut off point the prize money is added to the National Lottery Good Causes funds, which are used to fund valuable projects at both community level and national level.

If you want to avoid buying tickets for lotteries then missing your chance to claim your prize for whatever reason, buy online lotto tickets. When you buy online lotto tickets not only are your tickets bought safely and securely online but you will also receive an email notification for any winning lottery tickets that you may have.