National Lottery jackpot winning hotspot areas

January 24, 2010 by  
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Even though the National Lottery, like all other reputable lotteries across the world, is drawn using completely random methods, there are still some areas of the UK that have more lottery jackpot winners than anywhere else. So where exactly are the UK National Lottery jackpot winning hotspot areas? Which area in the UK turns out more National Lottery jackpot winners than anywhere else?

When it comes to postcodes, the IG postcode for Ilford in Essex has returned to the top position of the National Lottery’s list of luckiest places. Essex has always been a rich lottery jackpot hotspot and Ilford has had its fair share of them. Last year 12 lottery syndicate members from Thames Water scooped £1,247,863 playing the National Lottery which helped the areas lottery credentials.

Newcastle upon Tyne now has a lottery jackpot winner for every 6,884 players. Last year’s ‘Lucky Six’ lottery syndicate shared a £10.2 million jackpot which further propelled Newcastle’s lottery jackpot prize winnings to £287,685,011 in the 15 years that the National Lottery has operated.

Medway, in Kent previously sat at the top of the National Lottery’s list of luckiest places but some big lottery winners from Ilford have pushed the former lottery luck haven down to third on the lucky list. Other lucky areas include; Bromley in Kent, South Yorkshire’s Doncaster, Teesside and also Perth in Scotland.

These National Lottery hotspots indicate where the most lottery winners come from but this doesn’t mean that you can’t win if you’re not from these areas. Every week we here lottery news stories of jackpot winners from the entire length and breadth Britain. If you want to buy tickets for the National Lottery or any of the other major world lotteries covered here at Online Lotto you can do so safely and securely from the comfort of your own home and you’ll even be notified if you have a winner, saving you the hassle of searching for lottery results.