National Lottery, Powerball and Irish Lottery jackpots rolled over

January 21, 2010 by  
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Last night saw the Irish Lottery offer a €2 million jackpot, the UK National Lottery had a £2.2 million jackpot up for grabs and the US Powerball Lottery had a massive $51 million jackpot just waiting to be won. So with a steady rate of ticket sales you would have expected at least one of these lottery jackpots to be won but no. All three of the National Lottery, Powerball and Irish Lottery jackpots rolled over to be shot at again on Saturday, only this time they’ll be even bigger.

The UK National Lottery jackpot has rolled over for the last three Wednesdays but will it but won for the third Saturday in a row too? Last night the National Lottery had a jackpot of £2,257,533 which slipped away from everybody but there were two ticket holders who matched five main lottery numbers and the bonus ball to win £347,312 each. Last night’s UK National Lottery numbers were; 2, 16, 17, 18, 27 and 28 with the bonus ball being drawn as 43. As the jackpot was unclaimed Saturday night’s National Lottery draw has an estimated jackpot of £7 million.

Following the €7,457,357 jackpot win on Saturday was gonna be tough for the Irish Lottery. Last night’s draw had a €2 million seeding jackpot to be won but no ticket holders managed to match all six main lottery numbers so the jackpot rolls over again. Last night’s Irish Lottery numbers were; 11, 21, 22, 24, 34 and 41. The Bonus ball drawn was 36.

Just like the UK National Lottery and the Irish Lottery, the massive US interstate lottery, Powerball also rolled over. The noticeable difference between the UK National Lottery and Irish Lottery compared to the mighty Powerball is the jackpot sizes. On Boxing Day one lucky Powerball jackpot winner grabbed $128 million…by mistake!! The Powerball Lottery regularly awards over $100 million jackpots and is a firm favourite of the online lotto player. The lottery numbers from last night’s Powerball Lottery draw were; 15, 32, 43, 44 and 46 with the Powerball itself being drawn as 19.

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