National Lottery prize goes to the good causes funds

February 8, 2010 by  
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If a National Lottery prize goes unclaimed for 180 days after the draw it was won in the National Lottery prize goes to the good causes funds, which is exactly what happened on Thursday. One National Lottery ticket holder has missed their opportunity to win over £100,000 after the time available to claim a National Lottery prize had expired.

The winning National Lottery ticket was bought in Blackpool on the 8th of August last year, but despite numerous local campaigns to find the ticket holder the deadline has now elapsed and the £105,064 will now be donated to the National Lottery’s various good causes funds. As with all National Lottery prizes, the money plus any interest earned will be added to Camelot’s good causes fund to be distributed to projects throughout the UK.

The unlucky ticket holder, who matched five of the six main lottery numbers plus the bonus ball, bought the ticket in Blackpool last year but has now missed the final deadline and their prize is gone forever. There is one way to avoid being one of the unfortunate lottery winners to never get their prize. That is to buy online lotto tickets from your computer. When you buy ticket to lotteries online you will be notified if you win and your tickets are stored safely and securely online.

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