National Lottery winner and entrepreneur keeps winning

July 22, 2009 by  
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We hear of online lotto winners blowing their fortunes and ruining their lives week in week out so it’s nice to hear a story about a true lottery winner in every sense once in a while. Belfast born Peter Lavery, Ulster’s first big National Lottery winner and entrepreneur keeps winning with sound business ventures.

Back in 1996 Belfast bus driver Peter Lavery became the biggest National Lottery winner in Northern Ireland after winning the massive £10 million jackpot. Before Peter’s lucky National Lottery win he was involved in voluntary community activities, working on housing redevelopment in Belfast, developing community facilities and organising social events and activities for elderly residents. The Belfast National Lottery winner was also heavily involved in cross-community projects aimed to help with relations between Unionists and Nationalists in Belfast.

Since winning the National Lottery jackpot Peter has become a leading business figure in Belfast, successfully investing in local property development, restaurants and bars and now the development of his latest venture Danny Boy Whiskey. Through all of these businesses Lavery employs a significant number of local people.

National Lottery winner Lavery’s Danny Boy Premium Blend whiskey is a blend of four and five year old grain and malted barley which is to be distilled at the independent Cooley Distillery in Co Louth, winner of “World distiller of the year in 2008. Danny Boy Whiskey will be available in hotels, bars and off-licences across Northern Ireland later this month.

Lavery has also set up a charity trust in honour of his late Mother and Father. The Rita Charles Trust has to date distributed nearly £1 million to numerous projects in disadvantaged areas of Belfast.

When Peter Lavery won one online lotto many people won due to his business skills and his generosity. It’s great to hear such stories, if only more National Lottery winner’s stories read like this.