New York is set to sell Powerball tickets

December 28, 2009 by  
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From next spring New York will not only sell Mega Millions Lottery tickets but also Powerball Lottery tickets too. New York is set to sell Powerball tickets alongside Mega Millions tickets from early next year, just as many other US states have elected to do.

Powerball is a huge multi-state lottery which is renowned for its huge jackpots and high number of weekly players. Only yesterday the Powerball Lottery gave away an enormous $128.6 million jackpot to just one lucky ticket holder. To win the Powerball lottery jackpot you must match the five main lottery numbers drawn plus the Powerball. There are also smaller prizes awarded for matching less numbers.

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New York currently offers Mega Millions Lottery tickets, amongst many other state wide lotteries. The Mega Millions Lottery holds the record for the largest ever lottery jackpot in North America which stands at an enormous $390 million but it’s not just huge jackpots that can be won playing the Mega Millions. You can win $2 for simply matching the Mega Ball.

So what will sales of the Powerball Lottery tickets mean for the average lottery player? Unless you want to buy tickets from a US lottery retailer that won’t be any change. You have always been able to buy tickets for both the US Powerball Lottery and Mega Millions Lottery online, which you can do with us here at Online Lotto. Simply choose which lottery you would like to play, pick your lucky lottery numbers and buy your tickets online.