New York subway worker named as the Mega Millions jackpot winner

July 29, 2009 by  
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Yesterday saw a New York subway worker named as the Mega Millions jackpot winner who grabbed the $133 million jackpot on July 7th. In his job Audrey Boyce would travel from station to station with an armed guard while he collected bundles of cash from token booths and MetroCard machines but his latest pick-up was to collect a check for a staggering $54,648,351.

Aubrey from Queens, NY has already has quit his job and made plans to take a well earned vacation. Boyce lives with his wife in a modest one-bedroom apartment in a 12-story brick building and they are described as quiet, friendly and hardworking people. The lucky lotery winners‘ building supervisor recently repainted their apartment, replaced their radiator and did some other little jobs around the building and was given a $50 tip for his troubles by Boyce. At the time Boyce gave no hint to the supervisor of his life-changing lottery win.

When asked how he was going to spend his money Boyce said ‘I’m gonna relax for some days and think about how to spend the money in the future.’ Boyce did say he’s not gonna spend big on a sports car and if he does get a new car, it will be something fairly simple, not too glitzy. ‘I’m a laid-back guy, so you know, something not too flashy, not a Mercedes or Rolls-Royce. Something simple.’

Boyce usually spends $12 a week on Mega Millions lottery tickets, but this week when he went to buy tickets he only laid out $2 for two sets of Quick Pick numbers hours before the Mega Millions draw. The winning numbers were 25, 27, 35, 38 and 39 and Mega Ball number 28.

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