No Friday night jackpot winners

April 17, 2010 by  
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There were no Friday night jackpot winners during the EuroMillions and Mega Millions lottery draws. Even though ticket sales were up for both of these major world lottery draws no ticket holders managed to match those all-important lottery numbers to scoop either of the jackpots. But don’t despair if you bought tickets for the EuroMillions or Mega Millions lotteries as there was still millions given away in lower prizes so check those lottery numbers carefully.

Last night’s EuroMillions draw had a £25,378,348 jackpot to play for and players across Europe bought ticket in their droves but even following these extra sales there were still no jackpot winners. This means that next week’s EuroMillions draw has an estimated jackpot of £38 million. Last night’s EuroMillions Lottery numbers are; 9, 11, 17, 26 and 40 with the Lucky Stars being drawn as 3 and 9.

The US Mega Millions Lottery had a $122 million to play for and just like the EuroMillions Lottery the Friday night Mega Millions draw produced no jackpot winners. This means that Tuesday night’s Mega Millions draw now has a staggering $143 million to buy tickets for. The lottery numbers selected during last night’s Mega Millions were; 10, 16, 31, 48 and 50 with the Mega Ball being drawn as 44.

Don’t worry if you didn’t strike it rich during last night’s lottery draws as there are three major world lotteries to take part in this evening. The UK National Lottery has a £4.6 million jackpot to play for, the Irish Lottery has a €2 million jackpot up for grabs and the US Powerball Lottery has a $212 million just waiting to be won and don’t forget that you can buy online lotto tickets for all of these draws right here.

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