No lottery jackpot winners

November 29, 2009 by  
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In all three of last night’s major lottery draws the jackpots eluded capture. There were no lottery jackpot winners of the UK National Lottery, Irish Lottery and US Powerball lottery meaning that the jackpots rollover to Wednesday night’s draws.

In Last night’s UK National Lottery there was a £4,680,451 jackpot up for grabs but once again nobody managed to match all six main lottery numbers. The lottery numbers for Saturday’s National Lottery draw were; 3, 4, 27, 30, 36 and 47. The bonus ball drawn was 8. Even though there were no jackpot winners, six lucky ticket holders managed to match five main numbers and the bonus ball winning £240,023 each. As no tickets won the jackpot Wednesday night’s National Lottery draw will have an estimated jackpot of £7.4 million.

The Irish Lottery rolled over again last night. The £2,729,636 Irish Lottery jackpot was there for the taking but just like the UK National Lottery the Irish Lottery failed to find a top prize winner. The Irish Lottery numbers for last night’s draw were; 2, 8, 11, 24, 34 and 38 plus the bonus ball drawn was 10. The estimated jackpot for Wednesday night’s lottery draw is £3.5 million.

To round-off an unusual trio of events the US Powerball lottery also didn’t have a jackpot winner. Last night’s Powerball lottery draw had a $25 million jackpot but this one also got away. The Powerball lottery numbers drawn last night were; 26,27,28,46 and 50 with the Powerball being drawn as 21. As the Powerball jackpot got away Wednesday night’s draw will have an estimated jackpot of $30 million.

So lady luck wasn’t handing out pottery jackpots last night but this is good news for anybody who is thinking of buying tickets for any of Wednesday night’s three major world lottery draws, which you can do right here at Online Lotto, as the jackpot for these lottery draws just got that much juicier.