NY Lotto Scratch Card Scam Victim Receives his US$5m – At Last!

August 30, 2013 by  
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New York scam victim Robert Miles, who lost out on a US$5 million scratch card win after two brothers who ran a store conned him into accepting just US$4,000, will finally receive his winnings – seven years after buying his ticket!

The story began in October 2006 when Miles bought the US$5 million Extravaganza scratch card from a Syracuse convenience store owned by Nayef Ashkar and his two sons, Andy and Nayel. After finding he had won a prize on the card, Miles went back to the store to have his prize checked. The brothers told Miles he had won just US$5,000 and offered the confused customer US$4,000 in cash from the till – allegedly to “avoid publicity”.

Miles, who at the time was confused about the situation and also battling a crack cocaine addition, accepted the cash and left the scratch card with the brothers.

Six years later in 2012, just days before the prize was due to expire, Andy Ashkar set about claiming the stolen prize, worth US$5million. However, alarm bells started ringing with lottery officials who believed there was something fishy about Andy Ashkar’s story. Investigations by the police and lottery officials then identified Robert Miles as the real owner of the ticket when he came forward after reading about the Ashkar brothers “win” in a local newspaper.

Andy Ashkar and Nayel Ashkar were both charged with conspiracy and possession of stolen property. Nayel was cleared but, five weeks ago, Andy was sentenced to up to 25 years in prison for his crime.

Yesterday, New York Lottery officials confirmed that Miles would receive his winnings almost seven years after he purchased his ticket and he will have the option of accepting an annuity for the next 20 years or a cash lump sum.

While Miles couldn’t be reached for comment, we at Online-Lotto would like to congratulate him on his eventual lottery windfall. It just goes to show that good things come to those who wait.