Olympic Games funding from the National Lottery

October 4, 2009 by  
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In less than two years time the UK will be hosting the biggest sporting event in the world, the Olympic Games. However London simply wouldn’t be able to host the games if it weren’t for substantial Olympic Games funding from the National Lottery.

In order to raise a third of the cash the National Lottery has created specially designed Olympic lottery games. Every penny of the good causes money raised from these specific lottery games will help to pay for London 2012. The money raised by the National Lottery will be spent on five major new sports facilities which include the Olympic Stadium itself, a new VeloPark, an aquatics centre, a handball arena and a hockey centre.

Construction is now underway on the London 2012 VeloPark with world-class contractors, architects and track designers being consulted along with Olympic Champion Sir Chris Hoy in a bid to make the track in the London 2012 VeloPark the fastest track ever. Construction work is also underway at the aquatics centre where a 2,800 tonne wave-shaped roof is being lifted into place. The aquatics centre will be one of the very first buildings to greet visitors as they arrive at the Olympic Park.

To date over £400 million has been given to the development of the Olympic Village and to assist the funding of the games themselves and this money comes from you, the National Lottery player. Every time that you buy tickets for the National Lottery or any other National Lottery game you can be sure that some of your ticket money will be heading in the direction of the many needy, good causes across the UK.  Let’s hope that this huge push by the National Lottery will bring us news of another kind of lottery winner, a UK Olympic gold medallist or two.