One lottery player had three winning lottery tickets

June 7, 2010 by  
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Last week one Mega Millions players came forward to claim the cash for matching four main lottery numbers plus the Mega Ball in the April 30th draw but it wasn’t just one prize that they were claiming. Unusually, this one lottery player had three winning lottery tickets all with identical lottery numbers which meant that the lucky lottery winner had three prizes to claim.

The lucky lottery winner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, bought three identically numbered lottery tickets from the Qwik Korner Deli & Grocery in Solana Beach, California which meant that when their lottery numbers came out during the draw they scooped the $204,482 second tier prize three times over.

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When asked about this unusual phenomenon, Mega Millions Lottery officials said “it’s not uncommon for the same person to claim a prize with duplicate lottery numbers.” This is because many players will use the advance draw system and sometimes forget that they’ve already bought tickets. This then leads to the player have the same lottery numbers twice but a third set of identical numbers bought for the same draw is somewhat peculiar.

The Mega Millions jackpot is on the rise again and has rolled over since the May 28th drawing. This means that the estimated jackpot for tomorrow night’s Mega Millions Lottery draw is up to $26 million and don’t forget that you can buy online lotto tickets for the Mega Millions Lottery by clicking the play link above and buying your tickets safely and securely online.