Online lottery to decide who goes to the Oscars

September 11, 2009 by  
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For anybody who has ever tried to get tickets to Oscars night in Hollywood, they will already know the difficulties of trying to get their hands on those elusive seats, which is a lottery a best. However the organizers of next year’s Academy Awards ceremony are actually holding an online lottery to decide who goes to the Oscars.

The Oscar night tradition of huge crowds of onlookers lining the red carpet watching to see the first glimpse of her wearing that dress or looking out to see the biggest Hollywood super-stars arrive has become an integral part of the whole Academy Awards ceremony over the years but actually getting a place in among the lucky few has always been a task of great difficulty, often seeing the best-connected or wealthiest coming out best.

Oscars have released the news that for 2010’s 82nd Academy Awards ceremony next March there will be an online lottery to decide who goes to the Oscars, meaning that anybody around the world has a fair chance of being allocated places. The online lottery for Oscars seats opens at 4pm (UK) on Monday the 14th of September and will remain open until Sunday the 20th of September with winners be notified in early October. Lucky online lottery winners will be allowed to take their seats in the stadium-style gantries that will line the red carpet to watch the celebrities arrive. Then once the ceremony is under way the lottery winners can also watch the evening’s events at a nearby telecast.

An online lottery to decide who goes to the Oscars seems the fairest way to choose who gets up-close and personal with the stars at the most prestigious movie award ceremony in the world but what would you wear if you were to go? You’d need to win the lottery to by your own outfit!