Police force quit after winning the lottery

October 16, 2009 by  
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What happens when lottery syndicate members who work together win the lottery? How does the employer cope with almost certainly losing its employees? Well that’s exactly what happened when a Hungarian town’s entire police force has quit after winning the lottery.

15 police officers from the town of Budaors in Hungary have quit their roles in the police force after realising they had won approximately £10 million playing the Hungarian Lottery, the sixth biggest win in the Hungarian Lottery’s history. Shortly after discovering their good fortune the 15 lottery syndicate members, who were also the entire police force for the small Hungarian town, resigned from their positions. This left police chiefs with somewhat of a predicament. Now Budaors had no police officers whatsoever.

The police department has been scrambling back-up officers to the region to fill the gap left by the lottery winners until more full-time police officers can be recruited. Imagine being the police chief who was left to deal with that mess. Not only did he or she have their entire work force quit en mass but they would have also been left ruing the fact that they didn’t buy tickets too.

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