Powerball and Irish Lottery jackpots both rolled over

February 11, 2010 by  
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Last night the UK National Lottery was the only one of the three major world lotteries to award a lottery jackpot and that was shared between two ticket holders but the Powerball and Irish Lottery jackpots both rolled over. If you bought tickets for last night’s UK National Lottery, Irish Lottery or US Powerball lottery keep reading to see if the lottery results were good to you.

Last night the National Lottery had a £2.3 million jackpot to play for and two lucky tickets holders managed to share it between them, each winning £1,178,108. The lottery numbers drawn in last night’s UK National Lottery were; 5, 7, 15, 37, 42 and 44 with the bonus number being drawn as 3. If you bought tickets for last night’s draw check them carefully as you could be over a million quid better off right now!

The Wednesday night Irish Lottery draw had a newly seeded jackpot to play for following the £5 million jackpot claim on Saturday. This Irish Lottery jackpot was worth £2 million last night but as nobody matched all six main lottery numbers the jackpot rolls over. The winning lottery numbers for last night’s draw were; 23, 25, 26, 27, 30 and 32 with the bonus ball drawn as 7.

Following the enormous $141 million win on Saturday the newly seeded Powerball Lottery jackpot stood at $20 million but just like the Irish Lottery the Powerball rolled over as well. No ticket holders match all five main lottery numbers plus the Powerball to get their hands on the cash. The lottery numbers for last night’s Powerball Lottery were; 5, 8, 29, 37 and 38 with the Powerball drawn as 34.

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