Powerball Jackpot Enough To Buy A Hawaiian Island

November 28, 2012 by  
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Ticket sales for the US Powerball are currently reaching fever pitch, as the estimated jackpot increased from $325 million to a massive $500 million in time for the draw tonight. With this amount set to rise even more in the remaining hours before ticket sales close, players from all over the world are buying up tickets in a bid to win that half a billion dollar prize. With our thoughts then naturally turning to what we would buy with that amount of cash, we at online-lotto.co.uk worked out that should one individual win this whopping jackpot, they would have enough money to buy a Hawaiian island of their very own!

In July of this year, the billionaire Larry Ellison purchased the sixth largest island of Hawaii named Lanai, for a figure estimated to be $500 million. The 141 square mile island contained two resort hotels, a housing development, plus a population of an estimated 3,000, making Larry a real Lord of the Manor! And now, one lucky winner of the Powerball could find they have wealth which could see them buy the island from Mr Ellison, should they fancy their chances at being King of their own Kingdom!

Although to Mr Ellison this island purchase was pocket change, given that he has a fortune of an estimated $41 billion according to Forbes, with the rate that the Powerball jackpot is climbing we speculate that if tonight’s draw is a rollover the eventual winner could be joining Ellison on the Billionaire list! However, if the jackpot is won tonight, we are pretty sure any winner will be happy with that – given that they would instantly gain a fortune to match that of rapper P Diddy, who is worth an estimated $550 million.

So, if you fancy the chance at winning enough money to own your own exotic island, there is really only one game to play this week – the US Powerball. Good luck!