Powerball lottery has biggest jackpot

December 12, 2009 by  
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Out of the three major world lottery draws taking place tonight the Powerball lottery has the biggest jackpot to play for. As the Irish Lottery and UK National Lottery both gave away their jackpots on Wednesday, only the US Powerball lottery has a rollover jackpot to play for, and it’s a big one!

Tonight’s Powerball lottery has an estimated jackpot of $65 million as the jackpot rolled over for a fifth time on Wednesday. The Powerball lottery has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. Just a few weeks ago the Powerball lottery was won for four draws in a row but since then has failed to give away its top prize. For over a fortnight the Powerball lottery jackpot has grown and grown making it the perfect time to buy tickets.

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Tonight’s Irish Lottery has an estimated jackpot of €4 million even though the last jackpot was won on Wednesday. This is because Irish Lottery organisers have added a special Christmas bonus to this week’s jackpot. Instead of starting at the normal €2 million the Irish Lottery jackpot has started with this doubly enticing cash prize, meaning that’s there’s almost as much to be won tonight as there was in Wednesday night’s four-time rollover jackpot.

The UK National Lottery also awarded its top prize on Wednesday but unfortunately there’s no added cash to the jackpot. However the estimated lottery jackpot for tonight’s National Lottery draw stands at £4.5 million.

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