Powerball Lottery rolls over once again

December 20, 2009 by  
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If you bought tickets to any of last night’s major world lottery draws we have all the lottery numbers and results to see if you are a lottery winner. Both the National Lottery and Irish Lottery made new millionaires but in exact contrast the Powerball Lottery rolls over once again, meaning that the jackpot has now pushed past the $100 million mark.

Last night’s UK National Lottery had a jackpot of £5 million waiting to be won, and won it was, by two lucky ticket holders. For matching all six of the main lottery numbers draw, two lucky ticket holders scooped £2,507,394 each. The lottery numbers for last night’s National Lottery draw were; 1, 20, 28, 33, 40 and 45. The bonus ball drawn was 35.

Last night’s Irish Lottery draw had a €4,878,866 jackpot up-for-grabs and one lucky ticket holder got the lot! One ticket holder managed to match all six main lottery numbers to claim the jackpot all for themselves. Bizarrely, nobody managed to match five main numbers and the bonus ball. Last night’s Irish Lottery numbers drawn were; 10, 15, 36, 37, 42 and 44. The bonus ball was 5.

Last night’s six-time rollover Powerball Lottery jackpot had an enormous $88 million jackpot but once again nobody matched the five main lottery numbers plus the Powerball. This makes the estimated jackpot for Wednesday’s seven-time rollover Powerball jackpot a staggering $106 million! The lottery numbers draw in last night’s Powerball Lottery were; 17, 24, 39, 41 and 47 with the Powerball being drawn as 21.

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