Powerball Winner Could Lose Jackpot

December 6, 2011 by  
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A player that scooped a massive $254m Powerball jackpot could lose the lot after it came to light he concocted a scheme with three wealthy bankers to hide his identity. Tim Davidson, Brandon Lacoff and Greg Skidmore who came forward to claim the massive sum of money originally stated that Mr Davidson had bought the winning ticket for just $1 after stopping off at a gas station in Greenwich Connecticut but now the real story is slowly unfolding.

Eyebrows were raised by the sheepish behaviour of the three bankers during the press conference where they received their massive cheque but refused to discuss their relationship with other. They said at the time that a large proportion of the money would be put into a trust and donated to charitable causes. Now though Tom Gladstone who is long time friend of Lacoff has come forward with a very different story saying that the real winner is a client at an investment company that was founded by Mr Lacoff. The three bankers put together a plan and formed the Putnam Avenue Family Trust allowing the real winners name to be kept out of the press after the Powerball results revealed he held the $245 million winning ticket.

Mr Gladstone who rents office space from Mr Lacoff says “They set up the trust so that Brandon and his two partners could claim they won it and that the real winner wouldn’t get hassled. They have said they are going to give it to charity but they are going to manage the money. They are going to make a donation but they keeping a large proportion of the money and they are going to manage it.”

This very clever ruse breaks the rules of the Connecticut Powerball which states that the winner ‘shall be disclosed’ or the winning ticket could be ruled invalid. If the president of the Connecticut Lottery Company decides they have breached this rule then their winning claim will be thrown out and the charities they promised to help will receive nothing.