Powerball winner has hired a lawyer

December 30, 2009 by  
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The winner of Boxing Day’s enormous $128 million Powerball Lottery draw appears to have come forward, but not personally. In a display of calmness and clarity, the possible Powerball winner has hired a lawyer who visited the Kentucky Lottery headquarters to speak about the massive lottery prize.

As a rule of thumb, when players buy tickets and win lottery jackpots the first thing that they do is phone the lottery winner’s hotline to find out how soon they can arrive for their makeover, champagne, over-sized cheque and front page photos. Even the more shy and retiring lottery winners generally head, like a bull at a gate, towards the lottery office as soon as they can, only they go in dark glasses and hats.

Kentucky Lottery officials were not presented with the winning Powerball Lottery ticket itself but the lawyers working on behalf of the potential lottery winner were able to accurately confirm the date and location of where the multi-million dollar winning Powerball Lottery ticket was bought. In the huge shroud of mystery that surrounds this Powerball jackpot, even the law firm has requested that their name and company location are not disclosed to avoid exposure of the lottery winner’s identity.

It’s unusual to see such a display of level-headedness from somebody who has won a life changing sum of money which has led some to believe that the winner is actually a company claiming the prize on behalf of somebody who bought online lotto tickets, which you can do right here at Online Lotto. Simply click the Powerball banner below to buy tickets safely and securely online and who knows, maybe you could be sending the lawyers around to get your lottery windfall.

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