Powerball Winner Tapes Ticket to Chest

July 6, 2012 by  
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Matthew Packebush a United States Air Force veteran from Hutchinson has come forward to claim a Match 5 Powerball cash prize worth $1 million after taping the winning ticket to his chest for safe keeping. Matthews winning numbers were 07, 15, 20, 41, 44 and Powerball 10 and although he missed out on winning the Powerball jackpot by just one number he is thrilled to have won a life changing amount of money.

Not long after the draw had taken place Mr Packebush checked his numbers on his phone and says “When I realized I had matched all five numbers on my ticket, I called my Mom.  She doesn’t like getting calls late at night, but I had to tell her the news.  When she answered the phone, she thought something was wrong.  When I told her I thought I had won the Lottery, she couldn’t believe it.”

The 34 year old popped to his local convenience store to have his winning ticket verified but when the shop assistant scanned the ticket the machine told them the results were not in yet so he decided to pop home and double check them for himself, Unfortunately when he arrived home he found he did not have a pen so drove all the way back to the shop to buy one.

After signing his Powerball ticket he did not want to let it out of his sight so after a sleepless night popped back to the store for a third time where he purchased Ziploc bags and clear tape. He knew he had to wait until the following Monday to claim his prize so put the ticket in a bad and taped it to his chest saying “I didn’t want to take a chance of losing it, that’s a lot of money!”

The lucky winner who says he only plays the lottery when he can afford to is currently renovating his house and plans to spend the money on a college fund for his three children, a new truck and maybe invest the rest in real estate.