Pub regulars scooped lottery jackpot

September 28, 2009 by  
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A lottery syndicate from Scotland were jumping for joy on Saturday after one of their tickets matched all six numbers in Saturday’s National Lottery draw. The pub regulars scooped the lottery jackpot of £4.5 million and have been partying every since.

The Doon Inn in Lanarkshire is a small pub on an estate in Scotland which has many of the same faces in it day after day, the type of pub where everybody knows each other. So imagine what the place was like when they heard the lottery news that a syndicate of nine players from the pub landed the £4.5 million lottery jackpot?

The lucky nine lottery winners will each get £500,000. Not bad for a couple of quid spent on lottery tickets. Since the lottery syndicate realised they had won they’ve been celebrating as Scots know how, by having a good old drink. One of the locals from the Doon Inn said “It’s absolutely wonderful for the winners. They have been partying ever since they realised they had won on Saturday night. It’s been the place to be, and with £4.5million behind the bar who can blame them for letting their hair down.

By playing in lottery syndicates you do have to share your lottery winnings but you also increase your chances of winning that big lottery jackpot in the first place. As the old saying goes “You better to have a piece of something rather than all of nothing”.

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