Puppy ran off with winning lottery ticket

September 29, 2009 by  
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On Saturday a man from Christchurch, New Zealand was feeling the joy and excitement of realising he was a New Zealand Lotto winner and was over NZD$1.3 million richer. However the man’s emotion went from ecstasy to anxiety when his young puppy ran off with the winning lottery ticket.

The lottery winner was sat on the sofa with his lucky lottery ticket next to him, taking in what had just happened when before he knew it his new puppy had jumped on to the sofa, grabbed the ticket in its slobbering mouth and made a break for it. Did the puppy want to cash the winning lottery ticket itself? Whatever the reason was for the puppy taking the ticket it didn’t get very far. The man managed to retrieve the valuable winning Lotto ticket, which even though it was a little wet and sticky was still in good enough condition to be claimed.

It was certainly a lucky day for the latest New Zealand Lotto winner on Saturday with winning the Lotto then managing to save his winning lottery ticket from a fate normally reserved for school homework. The man says he has no immediate plans for his newly acquired NZD$1,306,235 fortune but his family would be benefitting from it.

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