Question mark over lottery jackpot

October 27, 2009 by  
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A Canadian resident who has won four lottery jackpots worth over $2 million in five years has hit the jackpot again, only this time the lottery win is for $17 million, resulting in an investigation by The Western Canada Lottery Corporation. This isn’t the only question mark over the lottery jackpot win. The man’s brother-in-law has also claimed that the winning ticket was bought as part of a lottery syndicate which he was a part of.

Seguro Ndabene from the Calgary area of Canada hit the lottery jackpot for a fifth time back in January but due to the number of jackpots the man has won lottery officials have stopped payment of the lottery win pending further investigation by the courts. After winning so many lottery jackpots the seemingly phenomenally lucky lottery winner has been faced with an investigation before he can get his hands on his latest cash payout.

The question marks over this latest lottery jackpot claim don’t stop there. Antonin Koprnicky, the brother-in-law of a lottery kiosk owner where Ndabene buys tickets, has claimed that the winning lottery ticket was purchaed as part of a lottery syndicate that he was a member of. Ndabene does play in the lottery syndicate but he also buys many tickets of his own. Ndabene said it’s easy to prove the winning ticket belongs solely to him because he played the same numbers that he won with in 2006. Also the lottery syndicate keep meticulous documents and all syndicate tickets are stamped on the back, which this particular lottery ticket doesn’t have.

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