Rollover jackpots galore

June 9, 2010 by  
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Recently there have been rollover jackpots galore in the major world lottery draws and last night proved no different as the $26 million US Mega Millions Lottery jackpot rolled over again. Along with last night’s rollover jackpot drawing of the Mega Millions there are also three further rollover jackpots to buy tickets for tonight.

The Mega Millions Lottery had a two-time rollover jackpot to play for last night which led to steady sales of online lotto tickets and in store sales of the US interstate lottery, pushing the jackpot up to the estimated $26 million target. Last night’s Mega Millions Lottery numbers are; 12, 18, 28, 48 and 54 with the Mega Ball being drawn as 6. As no ticket holders managed to match all five main lottery numbers and the Mega Ball to scoop the top prize the estimate jackpot for Friday night’s draw is up to an impressive $36 million.

The UK National Lottery has a £7 million rollover jackpot to buy tickets for tonight, which you can do by clicking the National Lottery play link above. The UK National Lottery jackpot doesn’t rollover as often as the US interstate lotteries making tonight’s rollover jackpot a rare occurrence and definitely worth a quid.

The Irish Lottery jackpot hasn’t been won since the 15th of May draw when one lucky ticket holder scooped the£2,726,590 to them self. Since then the Irish Lottery jackpot has rolled over and over. Tonight’s Irish Lottery jackpot has built its way up to an impressive £6 million and is certainly worth the £1 ticket price.

The US Powerball Lottery has also been on a rollover spree and the jackpot has climbed to $28 million. The US Powerball Lottery does have longer odds of winning the jackpot than either the UK National Lottery or the Irish Lottery but with a $28 million jackpot to play for it’s still worth buying a ticket or two for.