Second youngest lottery millionaire is facing bankruptcy

August 24, 2009 by  
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The second youngest lottery millionaire is facing bankruptcy after blowing all of her £1.9million jackpot prize money. Callie Rogers, a mother of two who now lives with her mother has been forced to take three cleaning jobs to make ends meet and now claims that she is glad to be poor.

After winning the huge National Lottery jackpot in July 2003 Miss Rogers’ life has faced one crisis after another. She became the second youngest National Lottery millionaire at the tender age of 16 but the pressure of controlling such a huge sum of money took over her life and the events surrounding her windfall eventually led to her attempting to commit suicide on two occasions.

After becoming a lottery winner six years ago the young millionaire went on a spending spree which included; four homes for herself, each of her parents and her grandmother costing £550,000, £200,000 on luxury holidays, £265,000 on expensive cars, gifts and loans to family members, 450,000 on designer clothing, partying and having her breasts enhanced, £188,000 in gifts to boyfriends and over £70,000 on legal fees. Miss Rogers has also set up a six-figure trust fund for her children.

Miss Rogers began a rocky relationship with criminal Nicky Lawson, who is the Father of her two children but she tried to kill herself with an overdose of tablets over allegations that he tried to steal her cash and had slept with her younger sister. The latest blow to this misfortunate lottery winner was in December last year her boyfriend Ryan Thompson was arrested for dealing cocaine at her home and was arrested for two years. Miss Rogers was also arrested but later released without charge. Shortly before she was arrest she attempted suicide for a second time by slashing her wrists. Miss Rogers is quoted as saying “Until you win such a large amount of money at such a young age, you don’t realise the pressures that come with it. I did it (attempted suicide) because winning the lottery has ruined my life. I wish I had never won”.