Shopkeeper Tried to Steal Grandmothers Winnings

August 9, 2012 by  
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A dishonest shopkeeper has this week been convicted of trying to claim a Grandmother’s life changing winnings as his own. 77 year old Maureen Holt whose 80 year old husband still works for a security firm took her lottery ticket into the Best One Convenience Store in Oldham but shopkeeper Farrakh Nizzar aged 30 checked the ticket and told her she was not a winner even through she had actually struck it lucky on the EuroMillions millionaire raffle.

After scanning the winning ticket and telling Maureen Holt it was not a winner he offered to throw it away for her and she agreed as she thought it was no longer of any use. Crooked Nizzar then rang the claims line and told them he had purchased the EuroMillions ticket at the shop where he worked. Camelot became suspicious when they checked the ticket and discovered it had actually been purchased at a Tesco in the Lancashire town.

Lotto chiefs began an investigation and managed to track down Maureen because she had used her Tesco Clubcard at the same time as the ticket was purchased and CCTV footage confirmed she was the rightful winner. Maureen knew nothing about all of this until a Camelot representative knocked her door a couple of days later and enquired about the ticket.

Nizzar from Manchester went on the run when he realised he had been caught out but was later arrested and charged with  fraud by false representation and is due to be sentenced later this month.