Sicilian mayor bought lottery tickets to raise funds for his town

August 4, 2009 by  
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The mayor of a small Sicilian town is attempting to help ease it’s cash-flow problems by purchasing tickets for Italy’s SuperEnalotto state lottery. The SuperEnalotto jackpot hasn’t been won in weeks, and it has climbed to an unprecedented €116 million which is roughly £98m, so the Sicilian mayor bought lottery tickets to raise funds for his town.

The mayor, Basilio Ridolfo and his colleagues have fronted €115 from their pay packets to buy tickets in a hope to raise funds for Ficarra, a small town which nestles on green hilltops overlooking Sicily’s northern coast. The charitable lottery syndicate chose numbers connected with the town’s patron saint, the Virgin Mary. The mayor said “It is our hope that, with her blessing, we will hit the jackpot.”

If the mayor pulls of a miracle and wins the huge lottery jackpot he says he would spend half of the winnings on municipal projects while the rest would be divided between the town’s 2,000 residents making the whole community lottery winners. While the chances of success are slim it would be the second lottery jackpot for Sicily in less than a year. The previous SuperEnalotto’s record jackpot was won in October 2008 in another Sicilian town, Catania.

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