Supermarket chain has launched a lottery with a difference

September 5, 2009 by  
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An ingenious Italian supermarket chain has launched a lottery with a difference. The prize for this novel lottery isn’t a multi-million jackpot, the prize is a job. The economic pressure being felt across the world has left many people without jobs and Italy is no different. This means that the prize of a job, as opposed to a huge cash prize from this clever lottery will still create lots of excitement.

Lotteries in Italy are known for their gigantic payouts with the most recent multi-million Euro jackpot winner of the state operated Superenalotto winning a monumental lottery jackpot of £146.9 million. However the lucky lottery winners in this new quirky lottery will be offered one of ten jobs which are guaranteed for a year, at one of the company’s stores.

This unusual lottery is being held by a supermarket chain from Varese in northern Italy. For the next month shoppers at any of the company’s stores who spend over a qualifying amount on groceries, which is approximately £28, will be given a lottery ticket. The draw for the ten lucky lottery tickets will take place next month. In a time where jobs are hard to find and the prospect of a guaranteed salary for the year will be a great incentive to shop at this smart-thinking store.

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