Tarot reader predicted a lottery jackpot

January 25, 2010 by  
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Just how shocked and surprised would you be if you discovered that you had won a National Lottery jackpot? A hairdresser from Herefordshire won over £1 million playing the National Lottery but this life-changing lottery windfall didn’t come as that much of a shock to the winner. This is because a tarot reader predicted a lottery jackpot win, or some other form of cash award for the woman.

Susan Herdman, a 41-year-old hairdresser from Herefordshire, was one of five national lottery jackpot winners who shared the £5,913,570 on the 16th of January but she wasn’t as blown away by the news as you might expect. Just weeks before Susan shared the National Lottery jackpot she visited a tarot cards reader who predicted that she would have wealth and good fortune in 2010. Lottery winner, Susan was so certain that the tarot reader was right she posted a Facebook status saying “I’m going to win the lottery, which she duly did.

The new lottery millionaire explained that she was in the middle of cooking dinner when the National Lottery draw took place so she just paused the screen as the lottery numbers were displayed and rushed back to the kitchen to continue cooking the dinner. When she went back in Susan discovered that it was in fact her six lottery numbers which were displayed. This would be enough to send many of us in a state of hysteria but lucky Susan took in the news quickly, remembering what the tarot reader had predicted.

Susan becomes another member of the ever-increasing list of millionaire lottery winners made by the UK National Lottery but she is adamant that she will continue working. She did concede that she may drop a day’s work to spend more time on herself.

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