The Saga of the Mega Millions Winners

April 10, 2012 by  
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The saga of the Mega Millions winners is dragging on this week after only one of the three ticket holders has come forward to claim their share of the jackpot. The lucky winner who wants to remain anonymous purchased the ticket in North East Kansas and matched all of the Mega Millions winning numbers has chosen to take the cash option of $157 million in one lump sum instead of the annual payment alternative that would have totalled $218 million paid out over twenty six years.

Confusion still reigns over Mirlande Wilson’s claim to be one of the other ticket holders. The 37 year old McDonalds Manager from Baltimore last week told the New York Post she had matched all five numbers 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 plus Mega Ball 23. Miss Wilson who is a single mother of seven and an immigrant from Haiti even appeared at a press conference with her lawyer but he later admitted he had not seen the ticket himself.

Mirlande Wilson’s story has gripped America after a string of explanations as to why no-one has yet seen her winning Mega Millions ticket. Initially she told the media she had put the ticket somewhere safe because she did not know what to do with it, then she changed her story claiming it was hidden in the burger bar where she works but now she says the slip of paper as gone missing but her 15 year old daughter has revealed that her mother will not even let her look for it saying “I wanted to look for it, I was crying. She wouldn’t let us. It’s a lot of money”.

As the mystery deepens Miss Wilson’s co-workers who form part of a seven person syndicate with her fear she may have cooked up this whole story just to keep the cash for herself but she has denied this and insists the winning ticket was purchased separately.

We have a feeling this story will continue to run for some time now with some sources claiming that the whole thing has been designed as a smear campaign against Mitt Romney, the GOP frontrunner for president after Miss Wilson wore a camp emblazoned with “Sweet Swine Pork Rinds” across the front. If you Google this term you will find a site owned by Scott Crider, an Alabama man who says he is one of Romney opponents.