Thief to give up lottery winnings

October 2, 2009 by  
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A former radio station executive from Pittsburg, US who was on trial for theft from his former employer discovered that he was a lottery winner while he was in court but the alleged thief is to give up his lottery winnings as part of his plea bargain.

Paul Lyle, 63, was in court facing a federal charge of felony theft for embezzling $87,750 from his former employer American Media Investments, which owns 13 local radio stations. Lyle confessed to stealing from the company to feed his addiction for buying lottery scratch cards. Investigators into the case found $30,457 worth of losing lottery scratch cards in one of the drawers of Lyle’s desk in his office at KKOW radio station near Pittsburg.

In a twist of fate lottery addict Lyle’s lottery ticket was drawn in the Kansas State Lottery second-chance drawing, which is an additional draw for players who lost playing lottery scratch cards. Lyle’s lucky second chance lottery ticket scooped the huge second-chance lottery prize package worth over $90,000 which consisted of; a 2009 Cobra 230 boat and trailer, boating accessories, about $2,000 in cash, and tickets to NASCAR’s racing event this weekend at the Kansas Speedway but Lyle will never get to cruise in the boat or watch the speedway.

Kansas State Lottery officials contacted the court where the compulsive lottery player was on trial while attempting to contact him regarding his lottery win. Mr Lyle was told of lottery results while actually in court. He pleaded guilty to the charges he faced and also agreed to turn over his entire lottery winnings to help pay the anticipated restitution that his former employer, American Media Investments will be owed in the case.

How ironic is it that a man who was addicted to buying lottery scratch cards stole to feed his lottery addiction, lost huge sums of cash playing lottery scratch cards, finally won with one of his many losing lottery tickets then had to give away his lottery winnings to the company that he stole from to buy it?

Unfortunately lottery news stories like this aren’t uncommon. If you find yourself having difficulties with lottery compulsions and addictions don’t simply continue to buy tickets, seek professional help before you end up like Mr Lyle.

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