Time is running out for the winning lottery ticket holder

March 2, 2010 by  
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Time is quickly running out for the person who owns a winning lottery ticket for the National Lottery draw made on the 23rd of September last year. Time is running out for the winning lottery ticket holder, who has until the 22nd of this month to claim their £3,681,197 jackpot. After this time the huge lottery windfall will be donated to the Good Causes funds.

It doesn’t happen very often but when someone doesn’t claim a multi-million lottery jackpot it too goes into the Good Causes funds. It doesn’t matter if it’s a £10 winning lottery ticket or a £10 million winning lottery ticket, if the prize in unclaimed the outcome is the same, with the cash failing to find its way to the rightful winner.

Sometime there are dozens of huge prizes left unclaimed but currently the £3.7 million jackpot is the only multi-million lottery prize waiting to find a winner. There are a few prizes still unclaimed which would certainly be enough to make me want to search through the kitchen draws, pockets of summer jackets and even down the back of the sofa. One way to avoid missing your chance of lottery riches is to buy online lotto tickets. This way you will be emailed about any winning tickets that you have bought, saving you the bother of checking the lottery results.

There’s a £224,606 prize from the Lotto draw on the 19th of September which was sold in the Borough of Kirklees and is still to be awarded to the rightful winner. This lottery ticket expires in 17 days!

There’s also a £149,559 winning National Lottery ticket which was sold in County Tyrone on the 3rd of October which the ticket holder has until April Fool’s Day to claim.

There’s an unclaimed EuroMillions prize of £103,310.50 from the EuroMillions draw held on the 20th November. This ticket holder has until the 19th of May to make their claim before their prize, like the £3,681,197 unclaimed jackpot, may well end up being donated to the various good causes supported by the National Lottery.