Tree stump predicts winning lottery numbers

September 15, 2009 by  
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People across the world have many different ways of choosing their lottery numbers. Some people use numbers that are significant to them like birthdays and phone numbers, other people may choose novel ways like the ‘cheese slicer’ which selects numbers for the EuroMillions draw but a community in Thailand claim that a tree stump predicts winning lottery numbers.

A local man dreamed of a tree stump whose journey started many miles away at the Prachin Buri River. From there it drifted to the Bang Pakong River and then on to the sea. Eventually the prophecy came true and the tree stump came ashore in Laem Kham. After hearing of the man’s revealing dream, locals declared the lump of driftwood as lucky and took it upon themselves to move it to it’s current location at the Chaophor Khao Chang shrine.

Since being moved to the shrine worshippers of the stump have claimed that it somehow indicates winning lottery numbers. A Royal Thai Navy officer, Captain Preedasak Boonsriwong was a lottery winner ten times in a row after being told the winning lottery numbers by the all-telling tree stump. Bookmakers are wary about taking bets from anybody who is known to have visited or even mentions the stump.

Local people are convinced that the lucky number currently being suggested by the psychic tree stump is ‘99’ meaning that all lottery tickets containing the number ‘99’ have completely sold out. Not only can you not buy tickets for the Thai state lottery with the number ‘99’ in them any longer but Thai bookmakers are reluctant to take bets which involve the number ’99’ as well.

Letting a tree stump that some guy dreamed about decide your lucky numbers may sound crazy but do you have a better way of choosing your lottery numbers when you buy tickets? If so, put it into good use and play the lottery here at Online Lotto.

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