Unusual National Lottery cash requests

November 20, 2009 by  
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In the 15 years that the National Lottery has operated in the UK it has generated over £23 billion worth of funding for various good causes across the UK. These lottery grants have been given to a wide range of good causes from local community projects to huge ambitious schemes like the restoration of the Mary Rose. However not all of the requests for lottery cash have been as well thought out. Take a look it this collection of, what we can only describe as unusual National Lottery cash requests.

When you think of National Lottery grants for good causes they tend to be just that, for good causes. So we’re not sure what was going through the mind of one woman who asked for a lottery grant to buy a new toaster. Another ambitious woman staked a claim for good causes cash from the National Lottery to double glaze her house. A keen gardener requested a National Lottery grant to give her garden a makeover. When she was told that the grant needed to provide for a wider community than just herself she said she would invite her friends around for a barbecue.

Here are some more community minded, yet no better thought out, National Lottery grant requests. A sweet, yet slightly crazy woman requested lottery cash for a reindeer to visit her local school. She asked if the application could be hurried though as “reindeer tend to be busy, especially at Christmas, and therefore get booked up early”. A request for lottery cash was made by a man who wanted to build a replica of the Starship Enterprise so that lonely people could meet in a “safe” environment.

Thankfully these zany requests for National Lottery funding were turned down but rest assured that every time that you buy National Lottery tickets from the shop or buy online lottery tickets, whether your lottery numbers get drawn or not, some of your hard earned cash is being spent on a good cause near you.