Wednesday night rollover jackpots

April 7, 2010 by  
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Last night the US Mega Millions jackpot stood at a mighty $76 million but for the seventh draw in a row the jackpot rolled over. This means that Friday night’s draw will have a jackpot of $90 million to play for. If you can’t wait until Friday to play for a big lottery prize take a look at the Wednesday night rollover jackpots, which have over £100 million to play for.

The last time that the Mega Millions Lottery was won was on the 12th of March when one ticket holder won $20 million but since then this favourite US lottery has rolled and rolled. The winning lottery numbers selected during the Tuesday night Mega Millions draw were; 16, 43, 44, 52 and 56 with the Mega Ball being drawn as 26.

So with no jackpot winners last night we turn to the Wednesday night lottery draws for the next big winner. Tonight’s UK National Lottery draw has an estimated jackpot of £7 million to buy tickets for as the Saturday night draw rolled over for a change.

The Irish Lottery jackpot is heading for record levels with an enormous £12 million jackpot to play for. The slippery Irish Lottery jackpot has got away for over a month now and with the additional £2 million added for Easter has worked its way up to an astronomical level. You can buy online lotto tickets for the Irish Lottery by clicking the link below.

The US Powerball Lottery jackpot has also eluded capture for many draws now and has climbed to a healthy $125 million, which is £82 million, and is now definitely worth a punt.