What Can You Buy With Tonight’s £80m Euromillions Jackpot?

March 22, 2013 by  
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There is an astonishing €100 / £80 million jackpot on offer tonight care of the Euromillions draw, and the whole of Europe is buzzing with excitement. From discussing what charities they will donate to if they should win to exactly how they will tell their boss to “go away” if they are holding that winning ticket, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are bubbling with eager lottery players sharing their stories. However, what we really want to know is what exactly will €100 million or its Sterling equivalent, of roughly £80 million, get you?

Well, besides footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (who Real Madrid paid £80 million for in 2009), it turns out that there is quite a bit you could afford if you were to win the Euromillions tonight. First off, bear in mind if you win, you would have four times the wealth of pop singer Adele (who is valued at £20 million), so if you do any celebrity mingling, be prepared to buy the bolly!

Here’s some interesting things we found that £80 million could get you:

1 x Original painting of The Scream by Edvard Munch, for £73.9 million (plus change!).

2 x eight bedroomed, seven bathroom £40 million mansions in the wealthy suburb of Hampstead Heath, complete with swimming pools and an acre of prime city land.

The Mansion currently for sale in Hamstead Heath, with Knight Frank for £40,000,000.

The Mansion currently for sale in Hamstead Heath, with Knight Frank for £40,000,000.

3 x flights to the International Space Station at a cost of approximately £22 million each (and enough change to buy a space suit)

4 x £20 million Bombardier CL-600 private jets

5 x Caribbean islands such as Little Ragged Island, a 700 acre private island with forest, fresh water and coconut trees, at a price of £15,000,000.

42 x gold and diamond encrusted Hermes Birkin handbags, designed by Pierre Hardy, costing £1.9 million each.

The £1.9 million Hermes Birkin, made of gold and diamonds

The £1.9 million Hermes Birkin, made of gold and diamonds

320 x Maternity Unit Makeovers in hospitals around the country, at a cost of £250,000 each

420 x Lambourgini Gallardo Spyder Performante cars worth £190,200 each.

80,808,080 x 99p cheesburgers from a well-known fast food retailer.

Unfortunately however, it seems that although £80 million seems like an awful lot of cash, sadly there is a lot of stuff which you will not be able to afford. We found these items which will be out of your budget

  • Roman Abramovich’s yacht, the Pelorus, worth a staggering £197,500,000.

Costing £197,500,000

Costing £197,500,000

  • The non-developed Greek island of Patrokolos, currently for sale at £120,144,900
  • If you were to believe Republicans, conservative bloggers and talk show hosts in the USA, one day of President Barack Obama’s time, as they estimate the cost of a 2010 visit to Asia at $200 million (£131,500,00) per day.

So, if you have your heart set on a monster yacht, a European development opportunity or a day hanging out with Obama, you may want to try playing the Powerball this weekend instead, as there is a much bigger jackpot of $320 million on offer.