What would you do if you found a winning lottery ticket

July 25, 2009 by  
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What would you do if you found a winning lottery ticket? Well when Michael and Amanda Stacey found a EuroMillions ticket on the floor of their local Co-op they did what a lot of people would do which is cash it in, but they couldn’t have imagined the trouble it was going to get them in.

The couple saw a lottery ticket on the floor a decided to pick it up and keep it. When they discovered the lottery results and that the ticket was a £30,000 winner they immediately cashed it in. They spent half the money clearing debts, buying new carpets and treating their children. However, pensioner Dorothy McDonagh, who had originally bought the £1 EuroMillions Daily Play ticket, rang the lottery operator Camelot after discovering that her numbers were winners but she had lost the ticket. Camelot then informed the police once they realised that the ticket had been claimed.

Yesterday the Stacey’s were found guilty of fraud and ordered to repay Mrs McDonagh the half of the winnings that they hadn’t already spent and were also each given 11 suspended sentences. After the hearing the Staceys solicitor, Robbie Ross, said they thought finding the ticket was “luck not theft” and “They didn’t think they were stealing, they thought it was good luck and they would ride it.”

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