Winning ticket purchased at adult book store

November 18, 2010 by  
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It was an exciting time in the states last week as two lottery winners stepped forward to claim massive jackpots worth a combined $269.6 million. The two men both from Michigan picked up their Mega Millions and Powerball winnings during a press conference in Lansing last Friday. You may be wondering why we are telling this but you see this is not the end of the story and we thought it would bring a smile to your face you hear the winning ticket was purchased in an adult book store and everyone was too embarrassed to claim it!

Mike Greer a 49 year old photographer who was at the conference to pick up a $128.6 cheque from the Mega Millions confessed that he never ever plays the lottery, did not buy the winning ticket and in fact has no idea who did but agreed to be the public face of a group of friends and family calling themselves Team Victory. There were giggles heard in the conference when it was revealed that the real lottery winners identities will remain a secret because no-one wanted to admit they purchased the winning ticket at the adult back store the specialises in renting out adult DVD’s. Mr Greer was deliberately vague when questioned about the winners and would only confirm that Team Victory is a group of family and friends who are lifelong acquaintances and the team contained “more than two and less than 100” members.

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The second winner of the day was Steve Mays a retiree from Gladstone in the Upper Peninsula who was also being tight lipped about his history. All he was willing to say was that he used to work for a major corporation and was living comfortable until the economy took a nose dive in 2008. He purchased his winning Powerball with $1 change he had from a shopping trip and let the computer pick his numbers for him. Mr Mays has made the unusual decision to receive his winnings annually instead of taking the lump sum option meaning he will receive $5.4 million a year for the next 26 years.