World lotteries have rollover jackpots

January 9, 2010 by  
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If you’re looking for a reason to buy tickets for any of tonight’s three main lottery draws we have one for you. In fact, we have three reasons for you to buy tickets for tonight’s lottery draws. All three major world lotteries have rollover jackpots to play for! There’s over £26 million to be won in jackpots alone tonight.

The UK National Lottery has a £7 million rollover jackpot to play for tonight. The £ 2.6 million Wednesday night jackpot rolled over to tonight but as always the sales for the Saturday night draw far out weight the sales for the Wednesday night draw. This means that the jackpot has swelled to nearly three times in size.

The Irish Lottery has a three-time rollover jackpot to play for. The last time that the Irish Lottery was won was on Boxing Day when one lucky ticket holder grabbed the €2,667,621 jackpot all to themselves. As the last three Irish Lottery draws have rolled over the estimated jackpot for tonight’s draw is just shy of €4 million, which is roughly £3.5 million.

The US Powerball Lottery has taken centre stage over the past week or so. First off, the enormous $128 million jackpot was won by one single ticket holder on Boxing Day, then lawyers were sent to Kentucky Lottery HQ on behalf of the winners and finally we heard the news that the lottery winners were actually sold the wrong lottery tickets, which turned out to be the winning tickets. Since the massive Powerball Lottery jackpot was won there has been another $25 million jackpot winner too. Tonight’s sees the Powerball lottery offering a $25 million jackpot once again, which is approximately £15.5 million.

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So that’s more than £26 million worth of lottery jackpots to play for tonight. All you have to do now is decide which lotteries to buy tickets for, which you can do here at Online Lotto. Either click the Powerball Lottery link above or choose another lottery from the tabs at the top of the screen.