Wrong lottery scratchcard was worth one million pounds

November 12, 2009 by  
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A lucky woman from Suffolk decided to buy a lottery scratchcard in her local supermarket, only to be given the wrong one. However this mistake is one that the woman will be glad that she didn’t challenge as the wrong lottery scratchcard was worth one million pounds!

Audrey White, an assistant bingo hall manager from Felixstowe in Suffolk was in her local supermarket last Friday when she decided to have a little flutter on a lottery scratchcard. Audrey asked for a £2 National Lottery scratchcard but the sales assistant behind the counter gave her a £5 scratchcard instead. Normally most of us would challenge such a mistake but as Audrey had already won £5 on another National Lottery scratchcard she decided to let the error go and stumped up the extra £3.

When Audrey arrived home later that evening she took out the lottery scratchcard and rubbed off the panels. To her absolute disbelief the lottery scratchcard that she had been given in error was actually a £1 million jackpot winning National Lottery scratchcard.

Only three years ago the new lottery millionaire was facing repossession of her home as financial difficulties took their toll, however Audrey is now one of a growing number of lottery winners who are millionaires through playing various lotteries and scratchcards and can now relax a little about her future finances. Audrey plans to pay off her mortgage and buy a new conservatory with her lottery winnings.

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