Wrong lottery ticket was a winner

September 14, 2009 by  
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Just how much must your luck be in for you to be given the wrong lottery ticket only to discover that it was a big winner? Well a man from Baltimore, US went into a petrol station to buy a lottery scratch card and was given the wrong one by mistake but before he noticed he had scratched of the panels to find that his wrong lottery ticket was a winner. It was a huge $50,000 winning lottery ticket in fact.

The incredibly fortunate 73 year old man, whose name has not been released by Maryland Lottery, went into a BP petrol station near his home to buy a ‘Nutcracker Cash’ lottery scratch card but was incorrectly handed a ‘Deal or No Deal’ card instead. The elderly man had scratched away the panels to reveal the prize before he had realised that it wasn’t the lottery ticket he had asked for. I don’t imagine he wanted to exchange the lucky lottery ticket though, after he discovered that it was worth a fortune.

In a stroke of luck for the man the ‘Deal or No Deal’ lottery scratch card in question turned out to be worth a staggering $50,000. Not bad for a mistake. The lucky lottery winner has said that he will share the winnings with his family and take his wife on holiday next year.

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