YouTube sleuth has exposed Derren Browns lottery trick

September 16, 2009 by  
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Last week illusionist Derren Brown predicted the winning numbers for the National Lottery live across Channel 4’s entire network of TV channels simultaneously. After successfully pulling off the illusion there has been a lot of hype surrounding the lottery stunt. But now a YouTube sleuth has exposed Derren Browns lottery trick for all to see, showing how this simple trick was performed.

Last week you couldn’t read a newspaper, watch TV or even go online without hearing about how Derren Brown was going to show the world how to correctly predict the lottery numbers. And since her performed the illusion all the lottery news coverage has been about how Brown actually did it, with most people not buying into his mathematic/psychic explanation. Now just a few days after Derren Brown predicted the lottery number live on TV film-maker Cyriak Harris has made a YouTube video showing exactly how it was done.

The illusion takes place live but only half of what you see is actually live footage. The side that the TV and the illusionist are on was obviously a live feed as at was displaying the lottery numbers being drawn but the side with the precious balls, which Brown had used to predict his six lottery numbers was an overlay. There was an excuse made that the BBC had exclusive rights to announce the lottery numbers first, leaving a couple of seconds window. This time allowed an assistant to replace the balls with the correct lottery numbers as each was drawn and Hey presto! Derren Brown predicts the lottery results correctly on live TV.

So there’s no magic way for you to win the lottery then. But don’t worry, you can still buy tickets for the National Lottery, you’ll just have to rely on lady luck instead of a stunt. You can buy tickets for the National Lottery and many other lotteries from your computer right here at Online Lotto.