EuroMillions Lottery winner still owns her old flat

August 3, 2009 by  
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The biggest lottery winner that Britain has ever seen continues to return to her old ex-council home near to Glasgow even though she also owns an £800,000 luxury mansion. The lucky EuroMillions Lottery winner still owns the old flat where all of her old furniture and curtains remain.

Former Royal Mail clerk Angela Kelly won a massive £35.4m EuroMillions jackpot in 2007 but the life-changing sum of money hasn’t changed the level headed Angela. Property records show that even after winning the huge EuroMillions jackpot and buying her dream home, Angela has kept the tiny second-floor flat that she shared with her son for many years. Neighbours say that she often returns to her old flat because it’s where she feels at home.

Angela now lives with her son and her partner William in a detached luxury home in a beautiful conservation area on the outskirts of Glasgow. Angela had started dating William before her big win, when they worked together at the Springburn mail centre in Glasgow. Angela even bought William’s estranged wife Janice a £225,000 detached home for her and the couple’s two children. The kind hearted lottery winner also splashed £270,000 on a luxury home for estranged husband Gerard, who has now swapped his old Fiat for a £25,000 Jaguar.

Apart from her new home, Angela’s only real extravagance was buying a £40,000 Mercedes which she treated herself to a few months after her win and despite having the ability to travel first class to any location in the world, had restricted herself to a holiday in Canada, where she has family living.

The EuroMillions jackpot currently stands at £34 million, roughly the same as Angela’s win. You can buy tickets for this Friday’s EuroMillions draw right here at Online-Lotto by clicking the appropriate EuroMillions link below.