Lotto Jackpot Worth £2.1 Million for Wednesday 18th February

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You could find yourself £2.1 million better off this evening thanks to tonight’s Lotto jackpot. There will also be a further 50 Lotto Raffle prizes worth £20,000 given away to players who match the code that is automatically generated when they buy a Lotto ticket with any of those drawn on the night in the supplementary game.

Saturday’s draw was lucky for one ticket holder who matched all six main numbers to claim a whopping £6.9 million rollover jackpot, with a further ten players also becoming instant millionaires after they matched the special Valentine’s Day codes to bag £1 million. You can find the winning numbers, Lotto Raffle codes and the special £1 million combinations along with a full prize breakdown at the Results page of

A £2.1 million windfall tonight would see you right for life. After the boring but necessary investments, you could move somewhere bigger, buy a car that doesn’t conk out every twenty miles and treat yourself to a few fancy nights out too. Just by playing Lotto, you would never have to worry about cash again!

If you fancy giving it a go and becoming one of 50 Lotto Raffle winners of £20,000 tonight, or even banking the seven figure jackpot, then you will have to buy some Lotto tickets. You can get hold of them from any authorised retailer in the UK or online now by clicking the link to the right! Good luck.

Lotto Jackpot Worth £5.5 Million for Wednesday 4th February 2015

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Lotto players have a rollover jackpot of £5.5 million to play for tonight after Saturday’s draw ended in a rollover. Although the top prize remained intact, two players celebrated winning a very welcome £163,425 after matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball. A further 50 players matched the winning Lotto Raffle codes to scoop £20,000 each.

Other prizes won on the night ranged from £25 for matching three main numbers up to £821 for matching five main numbers and you can find a full prize breakdown plus a list of the victorious Lotto Raffle codes at the Lottery Results page of

With £5.5 million in the bank, you could look after your family and friends with plenty left to enjoy and invest. You could move into your dream house, employ a cleaner and a gardener to do the hard work and trade in that old banger that you’ve been driving into the ground. The world would be your oyster!

As well as tonight’s healthy jackpot, Lotto is getting all lovey dovey soon by making ten millionaires on Valentine’s Day – a sight better than picking up someone’s chocolate and champagne bill for them! Everyone who buys a ticket for the draw on Saturday 14th February will be entered into the draw, with ten emerging as freshly minted millionaires.

In order to win any of the amazing prizes on offer over the next couple of weeks, you have to buy Lotto tickets, which are available now by clicking the link to the right or by visiting an authorised retailer across the UK. Make sure you buy them in plenty of time though, as sales close at 7:30pm on the night of a draw. Good luck!

Record Breaking 2011 for Lottery Winners

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2011 was a record breaking year for lottery winners in the UK seeing an extra 229 millionaires added to the rich list with twenty five of those coming from the Euromillions draw on 23rd December thanks to the Millionaire Raffle. During the past twelve months over £720 million has been paid out in prizes changing the lives of ordinary people up and down the country and 2012 looks set to continue the extraordinary trend so make sure you are taking part!

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The Health Lottery Comes Underfire

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You may have seen the adverts on television for the new Health Lottery, a new game set up to rival the Lotto promising to raise money for projects that tackle health inequalities. This sounds great in theory but questions are now being raised about the ethics of the venture with one critic going as far as accusing them of “profiteering on the back of charities and undermining more generous lotteries.”

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Record breaking Lotto profits

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The National Lottery operators have recently announced record breaking Lotto profits showing nearly a 7% increase in sales based on the same time last year. In the year to March the National Lottery operator has made a whopping £5.6 billion through ticket sales. This increase has beaten the previous record of £5.5 billion set between 1997 and 1998 and is an amazing result considering seven of the ten biggest lotteries in the world showed a fall in sales over the last year.

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