Haitian man wins millions on lottery scratchcard

October 9, 2009 by  
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A Haitian man who moved to the United States seven years ago with hopes of becoming a nursing practitioner couldn’t believe his luck when he bought a New York Lottery scratch card and won the jackpot. But this was no ordinary, couple of hundred dollars scratchcard win. The Haitian man won millions on the lottery scratchcard, $3 million to be precise.

Jemps St. Fleur moved to the United States from his home in Haiti seven years ago with the ambition of enrolling in the nursing program. To date, Mr St. Fleur has been unable to get onto the nursing course but he has been volunteering at the nearby Good Samaritan Hospital until an opportunity arose. The opportunity certainly has arisen now and thanks to his good fortune of becoming a lottery winner Mr St. Fleur plans to train for a master’s degree in nursing with the aim of becoming a fully qualified nurse practitioner.

The lucky lottery scratchcard winner said “the money is the boost I needed to get me where I want to go and to help other people along the way”. St. Fleur intends to continue volunteering at Good Samaritan Hospital while all of the time looking for further opportunities to continue his goal of becoming a health care professional.

For the last year or so, St. Fleur and his uncle have been buying lottery scratchcards with dreams of becoming lottery winners and now their dreams have come true. Like many American lottery winners St. Fleur had the option of taking a cash lump sum or claiming annuity payments. He has opted to receive annual payments and will be rewarded with a pay cheque of $99,045 a year after taxes until 2028.

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